I just finished another design/client job yaayy, MONEY IN THE BANK HEY MONEY IN THE BANK HEY MONEY IN THE BANK


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A Work in Futility: The WeLoveFine Experience


As many of you are well aware, WeLoveFine is a shirt company that boosts “T-Shirts designed by fans for fans” motto. Their slogan and idea is simple enough, hire fans/artists to work with their acquired licenses and selling those shirts to said fans/artists.

They hold design contests that allow them to gain a better idea of what will sell and in turn lead artists on with the promise that they may potentially be hire by WLF under their MightyFineArtist program - a program that would allow artists to submit their work whenever and to gain commission from their art rather than one fixed flat rate.

The MFA is invite only but WLF insists that if an artist holds enough contest wins under their belt that they may be admitted into the program. They claim that they treat their artists fairly however, this ultimately isn’t how it goes down over at WLF.

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I think

I’m going to try and aim to do art commissions next month


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joseph- funniest jojo

johnny- most moe jojo

jolyne- most badass jojo

josuke- most beautiful jojo

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jotaro- most likely jojo to finish the entire thing of oreos and then put the empty container back on the shelf for someone else to find and be disappointed like the little asshole he is

bless you for bringing up that steven universe is racist thing pearl because i just don't see it? like, the fact that they're claiming sugilite looks like a gorilla is just? not to mention that they claimed that SU is implying POC are beasts? which is not what happened at all? sugilite's personality was like it was because garnet and amethyst's personality traits clashed. unwavering + headstrong don't mix well ... i mean, that's the idea i got while watching?